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Oddball started back in 2015 when two homebrewers, Bill Walden and Mark Ferguson, who were also respiratory therapists, wanted to take their hobby to the next level. They bought a building, purchased equipment, and started making craft beer for people to enjoy. Then one of the worst health crises in the U.S. happened and they couldn’t put the time towards their passion any longer. Cue Joe Friolet and Chris Glenn.

Joe Friolet was an avid homebrewer for over 10 years, developing all styles from your juiciest New England style IPA to your smoothest most robust Stout. He refines his base recipes into offerings that everyone can enjoy, not just his friends and family. His passion is making beer for all, not just a select few.

Chris Glenn was (and is) an avid beer drinker and has enjoyed many of Joe’s creations over the past 8 years since they met. He’s always wanted to own his own business and when this opportunity came up, Joe approached him with the details and asked him to go into the business with him. He pleasantly said yes without hesitation.

The two heard about the sale of the brewery in December of 2021, still in the heart of the Covid-19 pandemic, however, after reviewing the potential for a brewery this size and having a turnkey operation to walk into, they decided to jump in.

Today, Joe and Chris are always trying to develop that next level craft beer, whether it’s another style like their Blue Nova, a blueberry and basil saison, or something like a New England IPA but with their spin on it. They keep trying to increase their degree of brewing with each new offering, and it shows with the support of the community as well as new customers coming in each week. Chris and Joe’s objective is to be as creative and true to the styles of beer they develop so that anyone can enjoy their beverages.

Come meet them both at the brewery today to learn more about why they do this and where they hope to take this endeavor they’ve jumped into.


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